Hi I'm C.E.F. and this is my neocities that I put 0 effort in because im gay

I'm an agender lesbian who goes by it/its. I'm autistic and mentally ill. I'm a minor. I like talking and hearing about people's OCs so feel free to send me a dm at anytime

Don't follow if:

you're homo/transphobic or any of the usual gross stuff

You're under 12 (if you're over 25 please ask)

You don't like me or my friends


Please don't soft block me, I'd prefer if you'd just hardblock me (even if its for something petty, I won't be angry!) also, feel free to block me here and not block me in other places idrc. I respect your boundraris I also cant spell it seems

if I make you upset tell me please! It's hard for me to tell sometimes and tell me if I step out of line

I love hearing about people's ocs… like just dump it on me!! Or your stories or your comic! Or anything!!!

don't follow if you're friends with sapphiremoonlight14 and have knowledge of the ""drama"" (mutuals can ask why)


Willowpelt (warriors)

Utterson (the strange case of dr jekyll and mr hyde)

Kendra (13 the musical)


My webcomic pls read it its my pride and joy
My warriors/never on private Twitter
My tumblr
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